WeatherBug Direct

WeatherBug Direct 2.2.0

Keep an eye on the weather from your phone


  • Displays local weather in a very clear way
  • Quick access to satellite images
  • Easy to configure


  • Not always accurate
  • Radar and camera features don't work for all locations


These days if you want to know the weather forecast you don't need to wait for it on TV or buy a newspaper.

WeatherBug Direct is a Windows Mobile add-on that provides you with live local weather information wherever you may be. This information is displayed on your Smartphone's home screen, outlining the forecast for today, tomorrow, and the next day. The data is presented in a very clear way with a weather icon, plus the temperature (only displayed in Fahrenheit, sadly) and the outlook.

Using WeatherBug Direct is pretty straightforward. You set up the application simply by entering the name and country of your location and selecting the nearest point to you from the list of local weather stations. There are more than 8,000 different WeatherBug Direct stations, so it's never that difficult to find one close to you. You can add as many different locations as you like, then set the 'Current location' to the place you're in now.

You can also use WeatherBug Direct to view current (well a few hours old at least) satellite images, weather cameras and radars. Note though, that the radar and camera image features don't always seem to be available, as it depends on your location.

In terms of its accuracy, WeatherBug Direct wasn't perfect in our tests. In fact, as I speak the program is telling me there's only a 32% chance of rain today. It's raining.

While it may not give pinpoint readings, WeatherBug Direct displays live forecasts in a very clear manner and boasts a few interesting features.

WeatherBug Direct


WeatherBug Direct 2.2.0

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